Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tab completion in the python interpreter

Since I program mostly in python, I spend a lot of time in the default python interpreter of my distro. I even use it as a replacement for bash quite often - mainly because of python's excellent string manipulation capabilities and well, I confess, also because bash's syntax always baffles me (especially the if statements). So whenever I get stuck with some bash code, I take the escape route of opening up the python interpreter.

But the default python interpreter that comes bundled with most linux distros (and also the OS X), lacks a killer feature of bash: tab completion. One can find this feature in some python interpreters like bpython, but they sometimes overdo it (popping up suggestions even when one doesn't want them, for example).

Anyway, I recently learned from this excellent blog post by Matthias Friedrich that it is REALLY easy to add tab completion in the python interpreter: all one needs to do is import rlcompleter and readline modules of python and assign a completer key (Tab is the most natural choice, of course). The blog post I linked above also describes how to set the PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable so that tab completion is enabled every time the interpreter is opened.

Since python's readline module uses the same GNU readline utility used by bash for tab-completion, it should be just as much fun, right? Well, that's not quite the case. Because tab completion imposes a severe restriction on you here: you cannot use the Tab key for indenting your code anymore. And using single space for python's code indentation is a very bad idea: trying to distinguish between different indentation levels in heavily nested code blocks is a trouble not worth taking even for sake of the benefits given by tab completion.

Anyway, I figured out a way to circumvent the problem by looking at these lines in the source code of the rlcompleter module (The file in question is /usr/lib/python2.6/ for Debian and Ubuntu): When one presses the completion key the function complete(self, text, state) defined in line#29 is called with the word being typed as it's second argument. I simply added an extra elif after the 42nd line asking it to return '\t' if the argument consists of only whitespaces: So, now I have all the goodness of tab completion without losing the ability of using tab for code indentation!


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